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Donna is a fully qualified and highly experienced health and fitness professional with a passion for inspiring and motivating others, Donna has 2 young boys so fully understands how difficult it is to exercise with a baby in tow!  After having her second baby Donna fully understands the changes that can happen to our bodies after pregnancy and realised there was a gap in the provision of specialised fitness classes and advice for women postnatally so she decided to undertake her level 3 pre and postnatal fitness qualification and combine with level 3 mat based pilates. The fitness classes Donna delivers are designed specifically to slowly address the postural and muscular imbalances that can occur both during and after pregnancy to prevent injury and stress on other areas of the body

After having a baby you need to remember your body has gone through lots of changes and although you may want to get straight back into exercise and lose the baby weight you must listen to your body and take it steady, training can begin after your doctors check up (usually 6 weeks for normal delivery). If you have had a C-Section you should delay your training for approximately 8 – 12 weeks once your doctor has given you the all clear.


Buggy Bootcamp

Bring your pushchair and dress for the weather, these outdoor workouts cater for all fitness levels and are designed to tone and tighten those problem areas and burn fat, a typical session combines brisk buggy walking, short bursts of cardio and resistance band work to strengthen the muscles.

Mother and baby Pilates

Work on your pelvic floor and build your core stability so as to improve your posture, re-align the body and tone the tummy muscles. Donna is currently training to become a Diastasis Recti Detective so will soon be incorporating this into the classes.

My Method

Donna will help you to achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and fun way no matter what your fitness level.




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