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Flamenco is a great way for kids to exercise. It is fun and relaxed. They will develop several important skills for their growth, such as motor skills, coordination, mental sharpness, physical strength, emotional and personal development. Boys and girls will discover another way of feeling and moving the body through flamenco and identify how to dance with their core energy: feminine for the girl and masculine for the boys as flamenco is all about femininity and masculinity. The dance is also another way of socialising with other children of their age group.

Children who have flamenco as part of their education will acquire a vast knowledge of the Spanish culture and will expand their horizons beyond their own culture.

Why is flamenco dance good for kids?

  • Encourages teamwork and camaraderie
  • Self esteem rises and shyness diminishes
  • It helps them acquire discipline and a sense of responsibility
  • Develops creativity, imagination and concentration
  • Enhances memory and expression
  • Develops a sense of musicality, rhythm and musical ear
  • Increases the development of the musculature and helps maintain optimal body condition
  • Stronger body, balance, flexibility and stronger state of mind
  • Improves motor skills

Children’s Classes

In our classes boys and girls will develop discipline and structure and will acquire the correct body posture from an early age and improve their motor skills and coordination. They will learn how to play the castanets. Castanets are a percussion instrument itself worthy of study. Kids will make the most of their musical potential and as part of the Spanish cultural heritage par excellence; castanets are an essential part of flamenco music and dance.

Flamenco classes are fun, relaxed and informal, often accompanied by a flamenco guitarist, also a great way to get in shape and have fun. You do not need to be a trained dancer, nor do you have to be young and streamlined - no matter your age or shape, our flamenco dance classes have something for you. Tuitions are suitable for all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced, women, men & children.

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