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We host two kinds of parties - large adventure themed parties with two entertainers and a magical storyline in which the children help us solve the clues; or smaller more intimate parties for up to 15 children with one entertainer.

Our large party themes cater for up to 30 children (hosted by two characters)
or up to 45 children (hosted by three characters).
Each party plan has a storyline introduced with a short pantomime show , and we fire up the childrens imaginations asking them for suggestions along the way.

Our Adventure Storyline Party Themes Include:
*The Goblin Treasure Hunt (hosted by a Fairy and a Pixie)
*The Fairy Disco (hosted by a Fairy and a Pixie)
*Pirates and Princesses (hosted by a Pirate and your choice of Mermaid or Fairy Princess)
*The Magic Spell Show (only 45 minutes and suited to larger groups of children and festivals) 

Our Enchanted Story Glade Parties are very special and intimate - they work best if the children feel like they are in a Fairy grotto or seaside cave and we recommend they are held in a very small hall, community room or your own home. The activities involve all those much loved games such as pass-the-parcel, musical statues, pirate or fairy crafts, food games and a treasure hunt or prize giving.

Our Enchanted Story Glade Themes (for up to 15 children) include:
The Enchanted Story Glade - Fairy Party
The Swashbuckling Story Glade - Pirate Party
The Mermaid 's Garden - Mermaid Party 

Hi, I'm Felicity Fairy and have been hosting children's parties for more than ten years. All of my entertainers have been hand picked and trained by me to bring magic and joy to children on their special day. Our party themes have been designed to encourage children's imaginations, with treasure hunts, magic wand making and spell casting, pirate adventures and Fairy Discos! We bring everything we need, all the games, prizes and craft materials; even a portable stereo. On the big day you can relax. All you need to provide is the birthday tea and party bags. 

Pop me a call for a chat any time:
Felicity Fairy: 0777 922 0729


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