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Founders of EzeeSport Peter & Fiona Crossman are all about challenging, nurturing and developing kids in sport. We love coaching children, getting to know then and pulling out the best in them. It’s not just about developing sport skills and getting kids active, we want to see them develop as a whole, encouraging good sportsmanship and nurturing life skills in them.

With a rise in childhood obesity and children being less and less active, it is more important than ever before to encourage children to take part in sporting activities. Introducing your child to sport at a young age is the best way of ensuring that they stay active into adulthood. We simply but importantly want to make sport EZEE for the new generation of active children.

Here are 5 reason why our parents and school teachers love EzeeSport:-

  1. “A number of sports skills taught in one programme/place!”
  2. “Positively sets my children on a pathway to being ‘active for life’”
  3. “Learning through play in a fun and positive environment regardless of ability”
  4. “Boosts school readiness for the under 4’s physically, socially and emotionally”
  5. “Essential life skills are taught e.g. leadership, teamwork, fairness, fellowship, respect. commitment””

At EzeeSport we offer:Term time classesHoliday clubs and Birthday Parties


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