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At Everyday Tennis we offer fun and friendly tennis lessons to children from the age of 3 to 15 across Merseyside. Each of our sessions aims to deliver a range of activities that target not only improve your tennis skills but also other key fundamental skills.

Our classes are broken down into 5 groups based on age; Tots, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow. For each group we use a variety of adapted equipment such as tennis balls, size of the rackets and different court sizes so the players are getting the most out of their tennis lesson and most importantly are keeping safe and injury free.

In all of our lessons we aim to deliver activities that work on fundamental movement skills; throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, agility, balance and co-ordination. Not only do these skills greatly help to improve a players tennis skills they are also skills every child needs to develop for other sports and day to day life.

Tennis is a unique, as it is mainly an individual sport. This gives children the opportunity to develop social and mental skills which they may not gain in team sports but we also understand how important it is for children to be involved in teamwork. That is why we make sure in all of our sessions there is a balance of individuality and teamwork.

All of our lessons include our Reward System. Players collect points throughout the session by collecting tennis balls in, giving 100% effort, hitting a target etc. The player with the most points at the end of the lesson is the winner and wins the Player Of The Week certificate. Points are added up each week until the end of the term. Each player will finish the term with a certificate, the player who has the most points at the end of the term will win the Everyday Tennis Start Player trophy.
Our reward system helps keep players motivated week in week out but it is also about rewarding players for all their different qualities they bring to the session and not just rewarding the person who is winning.

We understand each child is taking part in our lessons for different reasons whether it be as a hobby, social time or they want to play tournaments. So as well as our regular weekly lessons we have extra lessons and events to ensure the children are getting the most out of their lessons. This includes tournaments, camps, social tennis and fun game days.

Tennis is a fantastic, fun way to get active and is a sport that can be played your entire life.


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