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Duck N Dive was founded in 2008 and since then has grown to one of the largest, (and friendliest) Private swim schools in the Area. 
We specialise in small class sizes most our lessons have 3-4 children in and never exceed 5, we believe this is key in ensuring progression, safety and fun.

We have proudly gone through the full accreditation process as an A.S.A swim school member and our professional staff care about the enjoyment each child has,  as well as ensuring they are constantly progressing.
We offer three types of lessons:
Little Duckling lessons for 4 months- 36 months (three different classes for age ability).
Mainstream lessons for 4 yrs +, in theses lessons children follow the ASA scheme of work which covers stages 1- 7 and then Bronze, Silver and Gold, at which point we would refer children to a swim club we have close links to offering either Swim Club or water polo further development.
We cater to special requirements and have limited one to one sessions, we also host intensive crash course lessons during school holidays.
We use only the best local swimming pools for our lessons, ensuring you can sit comfortably and enjoy watching your child learn and have fun is important to us.


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