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Discover Archery Ltd is a well established company catering to various County Councils, prestigious independent schools, businesses, youth groups, church groups and holiday camp providers in the area and further afield.

With an outdoor venue in Guildford, we provide a mobile service which offers high quality instruction for a wide variety of experiences including Birthday & Stag parties, team building & corporate events, school clubs, sports days, GCSE PE & IB, DofE, holiday camps, fund raisers, fêtes & festivals, private tuition, just for fun; or for any event you could possibly think of.

Besides offering conventional archery and a 'soft archery' option we are the primary Archery Tag provider in the country.

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a phenomenal new concept in friendly combat sports that can be played indoors or out and utilizes archery with special foam tipped arrows to play the game. Players divide into two teams and hide behind inflatable bunkers, or other obstacles, and try to be the first team to knock out the centres of a 5 spot target on the opponent's side of the field, or, eliminate the opposing team. Virtually painless and mess free, unlike paintball, Archery Tag is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for kids to play; making this game the most fun you'll ever have with a bow and arrow!

Archery Assault

Archery Assault is an obstacle course which uses the soft foam tipped arrows to shoot over, under, through, into and at a variety of different obstacles. Archery Assault is ideal for parties, team building or for use where the area is too small for traditional archery. Some of the games we would play are ‘Shoot The Hoop’, ‘Tin Can Alley’, ‘Clout’, ‘Balance Ball’, ‘Discus’, 'Drop Shot' and 'Rabbit'; to name a few. We can also use the environment to create new games.

Hoverball Target

This innovative inflatable hoverball target set opens up opportunities for anybody to try archery virtually anywhere using the special non-lethal foam tipped arrows.


Discover Archery Ltd provides a mobile archery service which comes to you with all the necessary equipment and experience with a team led by a Lvl 2 Archery GB qualified coach.

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