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JOLF at Cuckfield Golf Centre

“we aim to provide a fun, engaging and appropriate experience for each child, every time”

Children love JOLF because they…


  • are engaged and happy.
  • make friends
  • play golf games.
  • develop new skillls
  • feel safe and welcome
  • have choices 

Children learn JOLF’s Mindset Movement and Golf skills. They play golf immediately on modified golf courses:

  • develop the strategies and skills of golf
  • practise important movement and sport skills through energetic movement games
  • evaluate their own progress, plan targets and begin to organise their own learning
  • develop self-confidence and learn how to be cooperative and supportive with other children.
  • practise their reasoning skills and are creative when tackling challenges and designing games.  

The JOLF Community helps children feel they belong.  Your child will be welcomed and happy in our JOLF groups. Our coaches specialise in coaching children and ensure their well-being at all times. Children’s parents are very welcome to join in and talk to the coach at any time.

Children’s Golf Party at Cuckfield Golf Centre

Below is an outline of a typical golf party.
Ideal number of children is 10-12 to 1 PGA Professional or would then jump to 20-22 with another Professional involved. We will have an area of the clubhouse set out for you on arrival with ballons, posters coloured golf balls, tees and banners. A typical party tea would include sandwiches, sausages, pizza, fruit sticks and chocolate brownies (alternatives available like sausage/ chicken strippers and chips).

We then take the children up to the driving range for one hours mad golf party experience!, 10 or so different games and lots and lots of fun, all abilities catered for. Adult participation is definitely encouraged and there is no extra charge for this. The Activity lasts for an hour and then we bring them down to the clubhouse for the tea. The charge is £18.50per child for everything but that does not include the cake and goody bags as in the past mums like to provide these. The party is delivered by a fully qualified PGA Professional and the children have full use of the facilities and their own area in the clubhouse. This is a general guide as to how the parties work but we are very flexible and can bespoke it to any other requirements.



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