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Matt-Zaz or better know as Clown Zaz has been entertaining children & families since he was a kid! & takes great pride in his work. Over the years he has made a lasting impact on many children and adults from all walks of life both here & abroad.
During the Summer (May-Oct) Zaz takes his own little circus to school fetes & family friendly festivals. "Little Circus Big Fun!" Family & Kidz entertainment self contained within our 50ft bigtop tent. We help school PTA's to Enjoy our circus shows whilst fundraising for school! up to 230 tickets can be sold for each show & we can perform up to 3 showtimes during a weekend school fete.

During the winter Oct-May Zaz is available for smaller events & Birthday parties. Zany xmas Elf Christmas shows & mix n mingle entertainment for those never ending Queues for Santa.

At no point during the weekend does Zaz stop smiling. He exudes energy, enthusiasm & joy. The Guardian newspaper 17/3/11
Matthew Indge is otherwise know as Zaz the Clown. He takes his small circus Circus PaZaz, around the UK appearing at village fetes, school fairs, and corporate functions.But making a living as a clown is becoming increasingly difficult - the number of clowns is dwindling & Zaz describes it as a dying art form.BBC News met the man behind the make-up. 



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