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Comedy Clown Show​

Let Marko & Tommy Bungle the Clown entertain you, with a 30 - 45 minute Comedy Clown Show, including Magic,  Circus Skills, Puppets & lots lots more....

Mr Bungle's Puppet Theatre​

Puppet's are great fun, and with our Puppet Theatre a fantastic show is always delivered. With the old favorite 'Punch & Judy' with a little bit of a twist where Mr Punch is turned into a nice guy! also inspirational Puppet show's are available, which are great for Schools to help teach children about Healthy Eating....

Walkabout at your Event​

 In between the show's Marko & Tommy can wander around your event promoting the Comedy Clown Show, interacting with the public with Magic & Circus Skills, causing havoc where ever they go, and look out for a few special guests on there travels.


Circus Stars on Tour is a great way of letting Children get a taste of the Circus, not only that it's great fun, but because it's very Educational, Helping to improve Coordination, Balance, Fitness, Confidence and Team Building.
Covering all Classes, Foundation, Reception, Key Stage 1 and 2,Our workshops can be run one or more days including - Comedy Clown Show.Circus Skills.Clowning.Balloon modeling. Puppetry.
Our day can start or end with our Comedy Clown Show,Then basic workshops for - Foundation and ReceptionJuggling Scarves, Ribbons, Juggling Bean Bags.Puppetry. Key Stage 1 and 2Juggling Scarves, Ribbons, Juggling Bean Bags, Flower Sticks, Pedal Goes,Diabolo's, Juggling Clubs and Spinning Plates.Balloon Modeling, Puppetry.

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