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Carddies are fun and educational and offer hours of creative and imaginative play to children. Carddies suits both girls and boys aged 3 to 10. 

Perfect for families on the go, each Carddies set includes 12 colouring pencils, 12figures with stands and a scene/naming card all included in a sliding box. The toy is self-contained,highly portable and made from premium card: perfect for keepingchildren amused on any journey or outing.
There are currently 12 sets with different themes: Carddies London, Sports, School, Fairies, Cavemen, Football, Ballet, Knights, Family One and Two, Farm and Nativity.

Carddies Team: Carddies was created by two sisters (Esther and Raquel, ex accountant and ex lawyer respectively) who, inspired by their children’s love of colouring and imaginative play, launched a new range of traditional toys in 2012.  All the themes are sparked off by children (Raquel and Esther have 7 children between them, and they continuously give their mothers feedback and have been very involved in the process from the beginning to where the business is now) (see http://www.carddies.com/content/carddies-team ).

Made in the UK: The Carddies sisters worked very hard to find the way of manufacturing the Carddies in the UK. The Carddies are 100% British designed, made and assembled using materials of the highest quality. The premium uncoated white card with which they are made provides a wonderful colouring surface. The British sourced colouring pencils are made in Indonesia using FSC certified wood (half sized pencils are not currently made in the UK). The pencil leads are of art pencil standard. 

Eco-friendly: The Carddies also have very strong environmental credentials, and FSC certified materials have been used throughout.



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