Calm Reflex - C/O Birmingham Holistic Centre : Calm Reflex - C/O Birmingham Holistic Centre

About Calm Reflex - C/O Birmingham Holistic Centre

Calm Reflex c/o the award winning Birmingham Holistic Health Centre established as a complementary therapy business for almost 20 years offers parents the benefit of Reflexology a specialised form of foot massage offering a deeply relaxing experience which can enhance health and wellbeing together with Indian Head Massage which is excellent for sleep deprivation, easing stress and assisting general health and wellbeing.  Finally if you wish to try a therapy for the 21st C why not consider energy massage which is a hands off therapy working with the subtle energy, chakras and colour.  It can help to improve awareness of body and mind, help to balance mind, body and spirit and encourage the body to heal itself.  All of these treatments are excellent for relaxation, helping with sleep deprivation, assisting with energy levels and making you feel goood!


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