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About Bruntsfield Nursery & Preschool

Bruntsfield Nursery is based in a beautiful period terraced house located in the quiet residential area near Bruntsfield Links and is set over three floors, offering bright playrooms with an additional sleep room for babies and dedicated activity room. Children have social mealtimes in our lunch room and eat nutritious food freshly prepared on-site by our chef. 

For Babies:

We provide a safe world where each baby receives individual attention from caring staff who follow the same comfortable routine your baby has at home. We nurture babies through a variety of activities and learning opportunities. These include; starting to feed themselves, learning to crawl and walk as well as joining in with "messy play".

For Toddlers:

We support your child’s rapidly developing skills and physical abilities. We encourage children to learn new words, to use their bodies in new ways and to improve co ordination. We work with parents to teach personal, social and emotional skills through play with other children and adults.

For Pre-School:

Children enjoy a wide variety of activities which creates the desire to think for themselves, solve problems, work with others and gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works. With an emphasis on language, pre-writing skills and maths, our Ready for School activities help further extend learning from the nursery to home in fun and enjoyable ways and ultimately prepare your child for school.

Our qualified and experienced staff teams plan the warm and welcoming environments which provide the experiences from which children learn. The relationship between children and staff at our nurserery is based on respect and trust. We welcome children from the age of three months to five years and we recognise that they all have very different needs. This depends not just on how old they are, but also on individual personality and ability. We take the greatest care to provide the right level of support and encouragement, so your child can grow in confidence, build on important social skills and learn at their own pace.

In our nurseries each child is assigned a Key Person, someone who is responsible for your child’s Prime Times, those critical one to one moments of caring and play, nurturing and communication as well as learning.




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