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Bright Young Things provides academic tuition to students across the country, including St Albans and surrounding areas in Herts. Our tuition centre in central St Albans offers small group lessons to students across the age and ability range with a focus on 11+ preparation in English, Maths and Reasoning for local independent and selective schools, as well as 13+, GCSE and A level revision courses and Oxbridge preparation. We specialise in teaching the core subjects; Maths, English and Science.

We only recruit experienced tutors from top universities who have a passion for their chosen subjects and a great track record of working with students in their teaching area. We know our small team of tutors very well and have worked with them for a number of years. 
We believe in a traditional model of teaching where the key emphasis is on the interaction between the teacher and student. The environment in which the teaching takes place is as important as the teaching itself. Therefore keeping our class sizes small allows us to focus on each child’s individual learning needs, while still giving students the chance to interact with other like-minded peers. The combination of inspiring teachers and room for discussion and exploration with other students boosts pupils’ confidence and provides an excellent base for learning.
Our teaching aims to diversify a child’s learning experience and encourage students to go beyond the textbook and become self-motivated, independent learners.


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