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For over a decade now, Master Lowndes and his Team have been developing Blackbelt Leaders to become the most successful and reputable private martial arts academy in the Worthing area.

Here at Blackbelt Leaders we aim to help your child increase their Confidence, Focus, Concentration, Physical Abilities and Self Discipline as well as setting them up to make Good Choices, as all  of these aspects are the keys to performing well in school, sport and life! 

We understand that it's very difficult to “Teach” a Person Self-Discipline, but we can help your child “Experience” And “Appreciate” the benefits of “Being” Disciplined.

Our Team know that Confidence truly is the key to Self-Defence, staying safe and stopping the bullies and we will help your child to be be bully proof and become the most popular in their class! as well as being better behaved, getting great grades and become physically fit and healthy.

Our Team teach all of these valuable life lessons in a safe, clean and professionally operated full time martial arts academy.

Our FreestyleX programme teaches the benefits mentioned by using a modern teaching philosophy that is designed to teach within a structured class where your child will be encouraged to progress at their current rate of ability and speed.

We teach the concept of personal victory and it is the Team's responsibility to make sure that each time your child comes to class, they are presented with a challenge where, if they do their best they will be successful. We feel that this is the key secret for building success in all areas of your child's life.

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