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Award winning Baby Moves and Toddler Moves is a Cache endorsed (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) programme linked to the latest neurological research and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Baby Moves is a unique sensory movement and music programme for babies and young children from birth. During each Baby Moves session you and your baby will do lots of fun activities which will help to stimulate their brain and bodies to grow in a natural way. There are lots of opportunities for you both, to play, talk and move together.

Each workshop respects how babies grow and develop and follows this growth at the baby’s own pace rather than being imposed upon them by adults. Baby Moves links the latest neurological brain research and theories of child development with simple activities which support all those who work with babies from birth along with their parents and families. Baby Moves involves both focused and spontaneous activities, along with lots of opportunities for babies to explore the sensory environment both on their own and socially with other babies and adults. The programme has now been recognised nationally and is being used within nurseries, pre-schools and children’s centres.

"The latest UK figures show that children in the 4-5 age group, 9.5% are obese and 13.1% are overweight. This rises to 19.2% obese and 14.7% overweight in the 10-11 age group. (Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2013). There are no available figures for children under three years. By encouraging babies and toddlers to move more it is proven that they will not only develop skills such as bonding, attachment, communication and language, but also how physical development helps to reduce childhood obesity. Baby Moves is radically increasing parents and early years practitioners understanding of this concept and how to apply it. Children start school they're already struggling with a weight problem which we believe needs to be addressed much earlier"


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