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Designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the benefits and joys of song and dance from a young age, babyballet has a reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment.

Twinkle's Tots (6 months – 18 months):

These classes are a musical playtime with singing, mime, toys and socialising in a relaxed and caring environment. Parents or carers play a very active role and the classes are a lovely atmosphere for enriching the child/carer relationship.

Tiny Toes (18 months – 3 years):

Tiny Toes allows little ones to explore their ability to move, dance and sing with their main carer right by their side in a fun environment. We will introduce very basic ballet concepts such as posture, turnout, arm positions and feet positions, through songs that they enjoy and are familiar to them, that will stay with them as they develop as dancers and little people!

Mini Movers (3 years – 5 years):

As they build skills and confidence, children can now take part in classes without as much support from their carer. Continuing with familiar songs, we continue to develop the core ballet concepts as well as complexity of movement. These classes are wonderful for building self-confidence, and experiencing interaction and sharing as they prepare for starting school!

I look forward to welcoming you and your little stars to the magical world of babyballet very soon! - See more at: http://www.babyballet.co.uk/find+a+Class/outlet/canterburyandhernebay/#sthash.lrPeFqFN.dpu


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