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Artroom Brighton is an art school for children and young people who have a passion for art and feel that creativity might play an important role in their future. We will identify, foster and develop artistic talent, through the depth, range and diversity of our courses, whilst enabling students to become culturally aware and literate. Students shall develop transferable creative, team-working, thinking and personal skills and stimulate a lifelong passion for the arts.

We offer a dynamic range of courses for 6 – 18 year olds and operate both after school and during the weekends and holidays. Artroom Brighton provides expert tuition within a safe and supportive environment and in collaboration with the distinctive aims of the National Curriculum. We will enable students to build on their experience gained in schools without conflicting with it.

Our courses are structured to enhance student’s knowledge of materials, processes and techniques whilst offering access to the ideas, values and beliefs of other artists and exposure to some of the most penetrating achievements of human culture.

The arts are the embodiment of human imagination, the record of human achievement and the process that distinguishes us as human beings. There is an intrinsic value to the teaching of art and the need to support, encourage and value the creative and cultural expression of young people is paramount.

We love art. If you do, then sign your child up now!

After School Classes 6-12 years: 

Pupils are taught how to produce successful and interesting art, using a variety of materials, processes and techniques through a series of structured and guided practical workshops. Pupils work week by week, slowly building towards a finished piece of work. We also work regularly in sketchbooks. Previous topics include Modigliani inspired self portraits in acrylic, Patrick Caulfield style interiors, Manga cartoons and mixed media Surrealist inspired paintings.

GCSE Coursework Support 12-18 years:

At GCSE and A-Level, the process of creating art is just as important as the product. During the sessions, we will explore a range of materials, proesses and techniques and will guide students towards achieving that A* make-over for their coursework. We will analyse art works from a variety of times and cultures and demonstrate how the visual elements are used for different purposes to convey a range of ideas, meanings and feelings. We encourage pupils to be versatile in their choice of materials and help them to show control in their use of media.

Portfolio Preparation for Art Scholarships 11 & 13 Years:

Pupils are given the opportunity to achieve a broad and accomplished portfolio, employing a range of media, ideas and approaches. Potential Art Scholars must demonstarte a GENUINE ABILITY and COMMITMENT to the subject and will be expected to show not only a reasonable technical skill but, more importantly, an imagination and originality.

Saturday Art School

Saturday art school is a popular weekend alternative to the afternoon and evening sessions during the week.



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