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We offer classes in RAD ballet IDTA modern, IDTA tap, street dance, flamenco and Spanish, salsa and Bollywood dance through our timetable of classes, workshops and dance camps.  Dancers have many opportunities to perform and achieve successes with a range of examinations and awards.  With spacious and conveniently located studios, registered dance teachers with years of experience, as profession dancers and as teachers and lots of friendly students, there is much to smile about at Art of Dance.

Art of Dance began in 2005 with just one toddler. She is now a grade three ballerina and is preparing to dance as a naughty tooth fairy and a Bollywood dancer in our summer show. Art of Dance has grown to become a highly respected dance school for both children and adults.


Art of Dance teaches the R.A.D. syllabus from pre-school level to grade 5, continuing to vocational levels. Experience is not required to begin ballet classes and we cater for dancers who want recreational ballet as well as those who want a career in the arts.

Tap & Jazz Classes

These are great classes for improving motor skills and is a fun and popular dance style which improves dancer rhythm, co-ordination and advanced motor skills.


Contemporary dance has strong classical foundations without the rigidity of ballet. More emphasis is placed on the ease of movement, fluidity and energy. Dancers will learn contemporary based technique such as Martha Graham Technique and dance choreographed pieces.

Pre-School Classes

Classes are a fun and creative exploration of free movement and basic dance steps using props and costumes. Dancers meet new friends, work in a group, solo and in pairs, learn safe stretching techniques and are introduced to working to music. This develops musicality, creativity, gross motor skills and self esteem.

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