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The Aquatots programme is the most advanced and enjoyable water safety and swim training curriculum available, designed to follow a child's natural physical and psychological development, through baby, toddler and child years. Coming along to Aquatots is a lot of fun and for many families forms the highlight of their week. The children simply love the in water play and the social interaction with children of their own age. Lots of lasting friendships are made through meeting other young families at Aquatots and many social activities planned too.

Aquatots unique training is delivered through our rewarding fun based learning system over 24 levels designed especially for Babies, Toddlers and Children. Our swimming programme is divided into the 24 levels, each stage designed especially, taking babies from 10 weeks old through to 6 years of age.

We require the babies to be under 18 months to start on the Level 1 (Ducklings) beginners’ course and over this age they can join our Foundation programme for new swimmers from 18 months to 6 years of age.  Most Baby Swim programmes provide just a few basic splash lessons with your baby over a few weeks, providing little if any, long term learning or retention of water safety skills.  Aquatots system is a complete, safe, enjoyable easy way of learning water safety and swimming whilst having fun. Amazing results and life saving skills are often obtained in just a few lessons. They learn for instance to breath hold, turn to the side and kick from the bottom, all of these important water safety skills that may save your baby’s life some day, making them less likely to panic should they accidentally fall into any body of water.

Most babies are about two and a half to three years old before they have the muscle co-ordination and motivation required to actually lift their head up and breath above water. So until then, make the most of it and let them have the opportunity of early adaption to water. The earlier you start and the younger your baby is the better.

For parents, it’s a chance to meet many people with young families and arrange other social activities, for your children, it’s a gift for life.

Bonus - The Aquatots Advanced Programme also includes: Snorkelling, Under Water Scooters and In Water Rescue skills from child levels 14 and upwards. We have four, five and six year old swimmers regularly achieving unbelievable 1000 and 2000 metre badges.

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