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At AlphaBake Cookery we believe that food should be fun and that children should be encouraged to get stuck in. Giving a child the freedom to touch, squash, mix and mash is an important part of their learning. By helping to prepare a yummy lunch, bake a tasty treat or cook a family meal, children are more receptive to trying new things and will learn important life skills along the way.

Using straightforward recipes and a wonderfully simple method of measuring, we make it easy for children of all ages and abilities to understand ingredients, throw them together and bake something brilliant. As a result, our workshops, after-school cook clubs and curriculum-led cookery courses are now a runaway success. And it doesn’t stop there. In a world of pre-prepared meals and TV dinners; even the basics of cooking appear to have been lost by many adults. Our adult cookery classes are now proving to be just as popular as our children’s lessons.

AlphaBake Cookery offers the following:

  • Workshops covering 4 ‘Stages’ of class
  • Cake Decorating Classes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Workshops
  • Weekend Workshops
  • After school workshops
  • School & preschool workshops
  • Adult workshops
  • Charity workshops
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Weaning workshops
  • Workshops for vulnerable adults
  • One off events
  • Seasonal workshops


Exciting news for 2016!

AlphaBake Cookery are looking to extend our offering across the UK and are looking for enthusiastic individuals with a passion for cooking and a great way with kids who are interested in our franchising opportunity. We’d love to hear from you!


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