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About Adventure Babies - South Manchester

Take your baby on an adventure…. Award winning story & sensory adventures 

Help instil a love of learning and a love of books by coming along to one of our exciting reading adventures. Bring brilliant books to life with interactive story telling and sensory play, which include messy play & a giant dark den every week!


Create a positive association with books and reading

·      Develop communication skills such as listening and vocabulary

·      Encourage imagination, creativity and a curious, enquiring mind

·      Promote social development and thinking skills

·      Support physical development such as fine and gross motor skills

·      Develop all of baby’s senses



Take an active role in the development of your baby

·      Fun, easy ideas to make and do at home

·      Enjoy messy play activities without having to clean up

·      Meet other parents

·      Have fun with your baby


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