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The Academy of Scuba Diving offers a wide choice of scuba diving lessons/courses for children from age 8, including PADI qualifications in the pool or in open sea. Children's scuba parties and swimming lessons are also available. Scuba diving takes children to a different world with new colours, shapes, textures and creatures .... a world where everything takes on a new dimension. It frees children to explore the underwater world safely and once experienced, children can explore historic shipwrecks, pristine reefs and the mysteries of local quarries. Scuba diving gives children a feeling of freedom, and a transformation and a connection with nature. It immerses children in new sensations and experiences and can transform their perception of life forever.

Fun, easy, safe and designed for children aged 8 to 10 who are comfortable in water but not necessarily great swimmers yet. These are excellent discovery lessons ahead of the courses available for older children. Lessons are for one hour in the pool with children sized equipment. Price: £25/hour/child.
Children's Birthday Parties
Parties are a one-off Bubblemaker lesson for beginners and last one hour with children?s sized equipment. All children need to be 8 or over and a maximum of 10 children can join in the fun (depending on age). Please contact us for pricing details.
PADI Seal Team
The PADI Seal Team is for young divers, aged 10-14, who are looking for action-packed fun in completing AquaMissions. Aqua Missions are underwater Bond-like missions and are fun and challenging in a safe pool environment. Divers are introduced to underwater photography, navigation, environmental awareness and more. Please contact us for pricing details.
  • After five successful missions, children become PADI Seal Team members.
  • After ten successful missions, children become Master Seal Team members.
Junior Open Water Diver
These lessons are for children aged 10 to 15 who cannot wait to get in the open water. The course is quite challenging and for the mature child it can be incredibly fun. The course comprises of five training modules including knowledge development sessions and four open water dives in the UK. £375/course/child.
Advanced Junior Open Water Diver

This course of lessons takes children over 14 to the next level and develops underwater skills and gives a taste of speciality courses such as deep and underwater navigation, boat diver, digital photography, night diver, peak performance diver, search & rescue and wreck diver.£240/course/child.

Junior Master Scuba Diver
Becoming a PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver is the ultimate achievement awarded to a Junior Diver. To achieve this, the diver needs experience of 50 open water dives and to have earned Junior Open Water Diver, Junior Advanced Open Water Diver and Junior Rescue Diver certificates.£425/course/child.



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