Run A KalliKids competition?

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to generate interest in your business, then a competition may be just what you’re looking for. Competitions are a powerful addition to any companies marketing mix, but too often overlooked in favor of the more traditional marketing avenues.


We think running a competition is great for three reasons:

  • You give your customers what they really want, discounted or free products or services.
  • You promote yourself as a customer focused business, which knows how to satisfy their audience.
  • You generate effective leads to follow up on for future sales.


Are competitions really going to get customers through my door?

For people who haven’t yet been tempted, offering an incentive that’s too good to miss may be just the encouragement they need.  They’re also handy at reminding your current customers that you care about them. You reward their loyalty and give them more of a reason to tell their friends about you.


So its all win win?

Well the downside is that you have to give away something for free, or at a discounted rate.


This may be a month’s subscription to your service, a first lesson free, a taster session; whatever it is you’ve got to give them a big enough incentive to pique their interest.


Now you might be hesitant in giving something away for free, but consider the cost of acquiring a new customer - the effort that goes into creating an advertisement, or designing a poster, online pay per click ad etc. They’re often time consuming, expensive and don’t all offer measurable success.


In comparison a competition can be quick to set up, easy to monitor, and delivers dependable information that you can quickly act upon and use.


The data gathered can help you:

  • Judge the popularity of your product, service or activity in an unbiased market by giving you figures of how many people have viewed and entered your competition.
  • Measure the appropriateness of your pricing strategy by testing the popularity of your product, service or activity at a lower level price for a short period of time.
  • Re-evaluate your target market by comparing against competition entrants.


So how can KalliKids help me run a competition?

We don’t just help you run a competition, we can organize, manage and advertise it for you. We will help you identify your end goals and create a plan for how we can achieve them.


We use a personalized KalliKids competition model that has been tried and tested and will get you the results you want from your promotion.


Take advantage of our experience in social media, marketing, and project management to take the stress out of the process.


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