Which Social Media Outlets Are Right For Me?


Its no secret that social media is not everyones strong point. Facebook may still be as unfamiliar to you as it was 10 years ago and with an ever increasing amount of new technology appearing its easy to get overwhelmed. 


So which social media outlets are right for you? 

Well theres no straight answer unfortunatly and the answer will depend on what kind of business you run and what you want to get out of using social media. 

We have compiled a list of the most popular and well known social media outlets and what they are used for. 



Facebook is the worlds biggest social network, so it's fitting to have this at the top of our list. As far as social media outlets go this one is hard to miss and should be incorporated into your social media strategy. 

  • Facebook has over 1.3 billion users which equates to around 45% of the people on the internet. 
  • Facebook lets businesses like your's create a page in which you can use to publish your news, update your followers and post media
  • Businesses use Facebook as a way to engage with their customers on a more personal level using news feeds, comments, pictures and video's as a way of attracting customers attention.
  • Its more than likely that most if not all of your customers will have or use Facebook, which makes it an attractive form of cost effective marketing




Google+ is the second most popular social media network. It does much the same job as Facebook with some subtle differences and optimizations.

  • Google+ has over 540 million active users as of 2014. 
  • Added features like; the ability to create circles of friends, the ability to create communities of like minded people and the ability to chat via Google Hangouts, seperate Google+ from Facebook. 
  • In broad terms both social networking sites are similar in their use 




Twitter is a social networking service that lets users send and read short (140 character) messages. 

  • Twitter has over 271 million active users.
  • Twitter enables users to send out short messages which get circulated around other users who choose to follow that particular person or company.
  • Businesses use Twitter to post information on the company like; upcoming launches, upcoming events, daily news and general communications.
  • It can be useful to you if you have a regular stream of information that you would like to communicate with your customers. 




LinkedIn could be described as the Facebook for business. Users share their professional details like job history and experience, and the platform promotes business networking and discussions.

  • LinkedIn has over 187 million active users.
  • LinkedIn enables you to generate a network of business people to engage with.
  • It can be useful to you if its important to stay connected with other professionals in your industry. 


This list gives you an idea of the main social media outlets that are available to you. You may choose to use all of these to maximise your social media marketing oppertunities but beware of over extending yourself. A profile page with nothing new on it since last month is not a good image of you as a company and may prove to be a hinderance to you rather than an asset. Its best to way up the benefits of having as many profiles as possible with your availability of time to spend on each one. 


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