Use Christmas To Promote Your Business


Christmas is an ideal time to engage with your customers and thank them for their custom over the past year, and remind them why they should return again in the New Year. In today's customer focused market, parents are more service conscience than ever, with the business making the most effort in engaging with their customers reaping the biggest rewards.


Even if your business is not readily identifiable with Christmas, there is still a diverse range of things you can do to benefit from the festive period.


Why not try:

  • Christmas Social media is a great tool for promoting a giveaway and allows your followers to share it with their friends. 
  • New Year vouchers. If you offer classes, why not offer your valued customers money off vouchers that they can redeem in the New Year? Why not send the vouchers through an email, via the KalliKids newsletter.
  • Christmas Cards. Old fashioned maybe, but customers still enjoy the personal touch that comes from a Christmas card. I would always recommend hand written cards, but typed can still be effective if you have a lot of customers to send cards too. 
  • Rounding up your year’s highlights. An end of year email or newsletter is a great way to remind your customers all of the great things that have taken place throughout the year. If you have the availability, why not create a “2015 in photos” feature? As well as rounding off your previous events, you can also highlight your future plans and get them interested in your upcoming events.
  • Creating a feedback of the year award. Why not give away a prize to one of your customers who gave you great feedback in the past year? Incentivizing parents to leave feedback will show your customers that you value their support, and promote others to leave reviews.


Whatever you decide to do this Christmas, make sure you include @KalliKids in your social messages to benefit from increased reach over the KalliKids network.

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