Meet Karen, the KalliKids Founder

Meet Karen, the KalliKids Founder

Hello, my name is Karen and I am the Founder of KalliKids.

I wanted my kids to be happy and engaged in activities but I didn’t always know who to trust.

For example, when our eldest was 10, she wanted to play hockey. We knew no-one who played hockey so we Googled clubs and took her to the local one 10 minutes down the road. We told them that she was very shy. They said “don’t worry, we’re very inclusive, we’ll make sure she is happy”.

Around three months’ later, we realised that the hockey coaches were calling her by the wrong name. She was too shy to say anything. She didn’t know the names of the other children either, as the club were very focussed on playing. So, we moved her to a different a club. The new club had little chance of winning (as their U16 girls had all just moved on) but the coaches were nurturing and the children made friends. They went round each others’ houses, had cupcakes after playing and even went bowling at Christmas.

It was this experience that taught me that what other parents think is key in making the right decisions. If we had chatted with a Mum or Dad before the first club and they had said “the club is great, really competitive”, we would have known it wasn’t right for our eldest. We wouldn’t have put her in that uncomfortable situation and wouldn’t have wasted their time or ours.

Since then, I have met many Mums and Dads with similar stories… who have had birthday parties cancelled the night before, who have changed swimming schools 4 times before finding a good one, who have changed dance class or nursery for one that suits better and even been told by someone they write their own testimonials.

This is why KalliKids exists!

Karen the KalliKids Founder and her two children and husband


About our little family and me

I am Mum of two teenage girls and have been together with my husband for over 25 years. We live in Sussex with a mini zoo of three dogs, two cats, two rabbits and some fish.

Our girls have grown up fast and I have to catch my breath sometimes at how incredible that is. I can still picture them as little toddlers but it has been an amazing experience watching them grow up. That’s true in more sense than one: they grew taller than me a couple of years ago!

The girls’ development and them having a positive outlook on life has always been important to us. Our goal was for them to grow up to be happy, independent adults.

Part of that is definitely encouraging them to try new things, to find activities they like and learn new life skills by experiencing many things.

Meet Karen, the KalliKids Founder         

Meet Karen, the KalliKids Founder

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