Sylvie and Agnes, Swimming in Brighton

Meet Twins Sylvie and Agnes learning Swimming with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Sylvie and Agnes

Age: 3 years old

Skill learning: Swmming

Sponsor: Little Swim School

About Sylvie and Agnes: Sylvie and Agnes are sharing the sponsorship and taking a lesson on alternate weeks. They are having their lessons on Sundays at Little Dipper Pool, Brighton. 


Updates on Sylvie and Agnes' progress in their Swimming classes

Sylvie and Agnes are two of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. They'll be learning Swimming with Little Swim School in Brighton and you can see how much they progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date: 22/9/15)

My twin girls, aged nearly 4, are taking it in turns to attend a swimming lesson each week at Little Dippers in Brighton and they love it - each week it's: 'Is it my turn to go this week Mummy?'For me, it's a lovely opportunity to spend one to one time with my daughters as I am a single mum - so just getting the couple of hours with each individually in the time we travel in by train and back is rather special. Both my daughters are still rather unconfident in the water - they are taking the skills on more slowly than the other children in the class as they only go half as often - but they are definitely making progress and the fact they really want to go each week says a lot.


It's only recently they've had confidence to go underwater - they didn't even like getting their faces wet to start with - but now they're doing that fine, got the hang of 'paddling arms' and are quite happy hanging on the side of the pool on their own.The classes, run by Hayley who always remains calm, smiling and inspiring in confidence, are very cleverly organised, using fun float toys and songs so that the little ones focus on those rather than worrying about what they can and can't do in the water. I'm hoping that this term they might be able to take a few strokes unaided - doesn't sound much but I know it will be the start of a big move forward and we're definitely moving closer to that!



Update from Mum (Date: 25/6/15) 

I have twin girls aged 3 years 7 months and we won one swimming place per week for the year so I decided to 'share' the lesson between them in that one week, one twin attends; the next, the other twin attends. That has been great for us as it means the bonus of each twin getting a special one-to-one afternoon, with me, Mummy, which it something we don't normally manage as I am a single mum (the non-attending twin spends the afternoon with her auntie).


Their biggest challenge for them both is that the girls are very apprehensive of 'deep' water, not having had lessons before. The girls are still nervous in the lessons and still at the 'cling-to-Mum-for-all-my-worth' stage but they are relaxing a little - the classes are small, with only a max of five children, and seeing other children progress helps I think. Last week, one of the twins actually went under the water a couple of times and that's important progress.


We hope to go on holiday in the late summer/Autumn and that by then they'll have gained more confidence in the water to be less dependent on me and floaty things.


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