Sophie, Swimming in Crowborough

Meet Sophie, learning Swimming with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Sophie

Age: 5 Months old

Skill learning: Swimming

Sponsor:  Puddle Ducks in Crowborough

About Sophie: Sophie is attending Floatie classes with Puddle Ducks on Thursdays. Her mum says it's an amazing opportunity for her and she's really pleased!



Updates on Sophie's progress in her sponsored Performing Arts classes

Sophie is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Swimming with Puddle Ducks in Crowborough and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date: 27/5/15)

Sophie has been progressing very well with her swimming lessons. She isn't scared of going under the water and enjoys kicking under the water. Sophie interacts with the other babies in the class , she smiles and giggles. she loves the ducks during splash time. although she does try to bite them as her little teeth are on the way.


Swimming lesson is at sophie's lunch time so the biggest challenge for us is trying to give her her lunch first! Other than that the swimming is progressing very well! Sophie has learnt how to go under water and she is learning the signal for going under, we practise this in the bath.


She is also enjoying learning to glide through the water on her belly- with mummy's help of course. I hope that Sophie continues to enjoy her swimming and that over the year she learns to use her leg and arms in the water.




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