Ronan, Yoga in Shoreham

Meet Ronan, learning Yoga with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Ronan

Age: 12 Weeks old

Skill learning: Yoga

Sponsor:  Mitchy Titch Yoga in Shoreham

About Ronan: Ronan is really enjoying the new Yoga classes and his mum is enjoying getting involved too! 



Updates on Ronan's progress in his sponsored Yoga classes

Ronan is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning Yoga with Mitchy Titch in Shoreham and you can see how much he progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date: 06/10/15)

We moved from the babies group to toddlers and my son is loving it. We do some songs and yoga moves with the toddlers then let them play while the parents have some relaxation time.
Socially i think this older class is helping Ronan a lot. He can go off and play with the other children and learn things from them.

For me the biggest challenge has been for us both to relax in the same room but not be right next to each other. I have learnt about mindfulness and ronan has learnt to sit up properly now.I am hoping Ronan learns some of the yoga moves and i want to be able to relax myself more.


Update from Mum (Date: 7/8/15)

Ronan has been attending classes once per week and has enjoyed the socialising and relaxing. Ronan is very excited at seeing other babies and loves to laugh. His biggest challenge has been doing new movements.He has become a lot more flexible and gets into the routine.I am hoping he learns to hold himself in flexible positions more.



Update from Mum (Date: 26/5/15)

We are still really enjoying our yoga class with naomi. Some of the older babies have moved into the next group now so we have new babies and mums to play with. Naomi has recently got a bubble machine for relaxation time and ronan loves to watch them popping. I am hoping during the next term ronan will learn to sit so he can play with more of the toys, naomi is very patient with them and does a number of moves with the babies including some for the babies with dietry problems, I have included a new picture of ronan during one of our yoga classes.



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