Olivia swims with Aquatots



Olivia is 8 months old and is learning swimming with her mum at Aquatots. You can read the blog post about the Aquatots' choice here.


The Aquatots programme is the most advanced and enjoyable water safety and swim training curriculum available, designed to follow a child's natural physical and psychological development, through baby, toddler and child years. Coming along to Aquatots is a lot of fun and for many families forms the highlight of their week. The children simply love the in water play and the social interaction with children of their own age. Lots of lasting friendships are made through meeting other young families at Aquatots and many social activities planned too.



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Here is Olivia swimming at the end of her first term






Playtime at the end of the session gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better.





Louise is delighted to be chosen and already eager to get started.  We can't wait to see how Olivia gets on and will be getting lots of reports from Mum & Teacher on her journey with Aquaots plus hopefully some exciting film footage or her time in the water which we will share with everyone.


Olivia has just finished her first term with Aquatots in Level 1 and has really taken to it all wonderfully. That first term is always very exciting when Mum or Dad get to take their baby for that first underwater swim and see just how much they can achieve and develop in the 9 weeks. Already Olivia has learnt some very important life saving skills in the water and her confidence has been a joy to watch. As well as all the important bits Olivia has been learning, she also had her first underwater photos taken. The Teacher takes these in Levels 1, 2 & 5 to give our parents a little memento to record this exciting experience. As you can see, Olivia was the perfect model and Mum looks relaxed underwater too!! Next term, in Level 2, Olivia will be learning many more new and exciting skills, spending a little more time under the water and really building on what she has achieved already plus of course, lots more fun!! We can’t wait to see her back in a few weeks for the Summer Term!!!


'I was so excited when Friday morning came around, this was only the 3rd time Olivia and I would have been in a swimming pool. Once we arrived we where warmly welcomed and the group had a little talk about what exciting things we would expect over the following weeks, Olivia was very relaxed but eager to get in. We totally enjoyed the session and really looking forward to next week.'

Louise - Mum

Before starting our first session I was very excited and it was lovely meeting Teacher Gill and the other mums. We are a really good team, and have bonded well, helping each other out as we get ready either side of the lesson.Olivia loves the toys in the pool and already she seems really comfortable swimming underwater. Her confidence in the bath has improved too and she doesn't cry when we are in the shower, or when I wash her hair. I notice her holding on skills are improving every week too.The most memorable moment was Olivia's 1st underwater swim, she was so brave, and she pulled the funniest of faces as she went down and was so wide eyed and happy to see me once she came up. I'm looking forward to mastering the back float with Olivia, and so pleased that I will be seeing the same mums next term.

"Olivia is such a confident swimmer. She always has a smile on her face in and out of the water.


"This term she has started to swim under the water towards the edge with mum's help of course. She is confidentally and happily swimming under the water 1metre between mum and myself. She is a pleasure to teach." Gill Skelton.


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