Nylah, French in Swindon

Meet Nylah, learning French with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Nylah

Age: 6 Years old

Skill learning: French

Sponsor:  Fun French Lessons in Swindon

About Nylah: Nylah has said she would like to be able to have a head start in French for when she eventually goes to France on holiday. 



Updates on Nylah's progress in her Creative Play classes

Nylah is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be taking French classes with Fun French Lessons and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


 Update from Sponsor (Date: 22/2/16)

Nylah is doing good, she found it a bit hard the day she came back after a few weeks off as it was a new group but was fine by the end of that session.


Update from Sponsor (Date: 3/6/15)

Nylah has been to three classes so far. She is following French sessions for 5 to 12 years old on Tuesday with Fun French Learning. Nylah is shy but from the end of her first session she gives it a try at repeating words. According to her mum Nylah said: "I can't wait to go again next week", "my favorite part is when Virginie uses the animal finger puppets and puzzles to practice the animal names". Mum said :"I like that there isn't too many children and everyone is very friendly.
Nylah is very engaging in the session. Her biggest challenge for the next period is being able to come as her mum has been unwell. Over the last month she's learnt the name of animals and alphabet. Over the next period we hope that she'll gain confidence to talk a bit louder."


Update from Mum (date:3/6/15)

Nylah was absolutely delighted this morning as she is in the local paper! We are all very exicted :-)


Update from Mum (date:14/4/15)

I am hoping for nylah to feel confident enough to use a second language, and nylah has said she would like to be able to have a head start in learning french so we eventually go there on holiday.

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