Nathaniel learns math with Mathemagical


Nathaniel is 2.5 and is attending Welcome In-Salvation Army preschool in Worthing twice a week. He will soon learning maths with Mathemagical.

The Award Winning Mathemagical classes introduce early maths concepts in a fun and exciting way through singing, actions, props, games and child-led play.



















"Thank you so so much for sponsoring Nat. He is so excited, me too."


"Nathaniel truly loves Mathemagical. He has started to count everything around him, cars, trains, flowers in the garden, cereals in his bowl. ... think he loves the fact he can do something that his brother does as due to his cerebral palsy he can be quite limited in things he can do"

Miriam, Nathaniel's mum


"Nathaniel goes once on a Monday morning. He loves going and looks forward to it. For the whole weekend, he is on his best behaviour and if he is naughty I threaten him by saying he will not go to Mathemagical. All the way home after each class he says that he wants to go back and do it again. I take from this that he loves it.


 "Nat has cerebral palsy(right hemiplegia) and just few months ago could not stand, walk or hold anything in his right hand. With constant physio, OT and few medical trials Nathaniel is able to walk now. I also think Mathemagical has helped with this as it has made him more confident. He has become determined to achieve lots of things. He now plays with his brother simple games, likes counting cars on the road, counting cereals , now hide and seek....  they play together with Lego constructing lots of 2d and 3d shapes together and they both love spending time together."

Mum Miriam, October 2014

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