Myles, Theatre in Haywards Heath


Meet Myles, learning Theatre Arts with Sponsored Child 2015




Name: Myles

Age: 6 years old

Skill learning: Theatre Arts

Sponsor:  JK Theatre Arts

About Myles: Myles lives in Haywards Heath. He is very excited about the opportunity to start the sponsorship. 



Updates on Myles' progress in his sponsored Theatre Arts classes

Myles is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning Theatre Arts with JK Theatre Arts in Haywards Heath and you can see how much he progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (Date: 8/09/15)

Myles has attended all classes except two when he was poorly. Myles adores JK Theatre Arts and is very fond of his tutors too. He thrived in the fun and structured lessons and was thrilled when he was given the role of Charlie in their production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The whole family (and some!) attended the show and we could all see how much he has already benefited from the classes with his performance and overflowing enthusiasm.


During the summer holidays I took Myles to London to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a treat for his hard work and to allow him to see a full scale london theatre show! He loved it! But secretly we both agreed that the JK version was far better! :) Myles is becoming more focused and confident. He is developing better social skills and communicating emotions more clearly. Being given the role 'Charlie' was both an honour and a challenge for Myles because he has never had an opportunity to take such an important role BUT because JK did not focus heavily on any one character in the show giving each child an equal chance to shine, it made Myles feel valued but not pressurized.


It was a perfect balance. Myles now partakes in singing more than he used to and has developed a great memory for the dance routines. We still get little performances of the 'Umpa Lumpa' dance at home! I hope that Myles' confidence continues to grow and that he will share a love for theater arts with the family. I am sure with JK his performances will get better and better.


Update from Mum (Date: 24/7/15)




Update from Mum (Date: 26/5/15)

We are over the moon. Myles is already saying how much he loves the classes and we are looking forward to seeing him enjoying himself over the year.

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