Melis, Music and Drama in Ewell West

Meet Melis, learning Drama and Music with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Melis

Age: 7 Years Old

Skill learning: Drama and Music

Sponsor:  Fitznells Music and Drama

About Melis: Melis has a natural abillity for music and drama and is very happy about being picked.



Updates on Melis' progress in his sponsored Drama and Music classes

Melis is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be taking dance classes with Fitznells Music and Drama Classes in Ewell West and you can see how much he progresses over the year. 



Update from Melis (19/1/15)

Melis has attended her classes four times in the last month. she enjoys it a lot. The class showed their performance in front of the parents which was lovely. Melis has progressed at reading and follows notes and wants to learn to play different instruments. The biggest challenge for her is to play in the show. Over the upcoming period Melis is hoping to learn to play Glockenspiel as well as she can!


Update from Melis (12/10/15)

Melis enjoys her classes alot and She's started to learn to play xylophone. First of all She liked music and the feel of music . She enjoys playing musical instruments, singing and acting . She discovered what makes her happy. She started to read the notes and follows the notes nicely during the lesson. Miss Sophie noticed her progress and thanked Melis for being good with notes.


I would like to tell you what my doughter asked to me..... "Mummy , If I can not be a singer, a actress or not playing in any musicals at my attempt there is any chance to try it again for me because I found what I want to do in the future." As a parents, It was so nice to hear something like this from your 7 years child. She loves, she enjoys and Kallikids and Miss Sophie from Fitznell Music helped her to feel that.
She works harder than before but she does not complain about it at all . She has been very good at school, at piano lesson and percussion lesson too. We are just wondering whether she can go to any secondary school to learn music or drama? 


Over the last period she's learnt Singing, playing music instruments and acting. Over the upcoming period she's hoping to keep learning more music, more acting and take more opportunity to do these.




Update from Melis (13/8/15)

I met Kallikids organization last spring. My mum explained to me how a good organization you are. I would like to thank to you one more time to have given a nice opportunity to go to Fitznell Music and Drama school. I like music and drama very much. Miss Sophie Lee Colchester gives me her sport to me to be with Music and Drama.We had a amazing concert full of music and I was so impressed by piano sound than start having piano lesson too. I have got a week to go to drama lesson between 24 august it will be a very nice week for me music with music and drama in my 2015 summer. As I know that we will have a drama show too. I definitely will send to you more about it later on..


Update from Mum (14/4/15)

As a mum I would like to thank to you for giving my daughter this precious opportunity to have good quality music knowledge and drama. She was very very excited to meet with Miss Sophie on trial day and she really wanted to be chosen by them.

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