Meet the KalliKids Ambassadors

Inspire your child! These amazing achievers learnt their skills as children.

KalliKids Ambassadors want to encourage all children to find their sport, music or other activity to take up for life.

This could be for a social hobby and to get fit - it's not just about winning a world title (although that would be amazing).

To thank each ambassador, KalliKids pays a nominal fee to each Ambassador's chosen children's charity.


Meet the High-Achieving KalliKids Ambassadors to inspire children 


Meet the KalliKids Ambassadors

Roger Black

Olympic Athelete

Meet the KalliKids Ambassadors

Ben Quilter

Judo Medallist, London 2012

Ben Quilter, KalliKids Ambassador, inspiring children with Judo and his Bronze Medal

Joanna Rees

Author, Child and Adult Fiction

Joanna Rees Author inspiring children as a KalliKids Ambassador (s)

Jordanne Whiley

Wheelchair Tennis Champion

Jordanne Whiley, Wheel-Chair Tennis Champion and KalliKids Ambassador

Julie Pullin

British Tennis Number 1

KalliKids Ambassador Julie Pullin Tennis Number One

Mike Yardy

England and Sussex Cricketer

KalliKids Ambassador Mike Yardy England Cricket




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