Marley, Music in Hove

Meet Marley, learning Music with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Marly

Age: 15 months old

Skill learning: Music

Sponsor:  Kimbalu Music Classes in Hove

About Marley: Marley is not yet attending school but he is excited to be starting music classes on Thursday mornings!



Updates on Marley's progress in his sponsored Music classes

Marley is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be ltaking music classes with Kimbalu Music Group in Hove and you can see how much he progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (date: 15/01/16)

The room where the usual classes are held is now up and running again as it was being redecorated for about 6 weeks. This meant the classes had to take place in the main room where the café is so it tended to be noisy and crowded and you didn't feel so involved in the group. Having the usual room back has made a big difference and we can go back to appreciating the classes and concentrating and listening to the music properly.

Marley is now interacting with other children better and learning to share toys / instruments nicely. He is now 2 years old so has a better understanding of how to behave around others. The biggest challenge for me has been to get Marley to feel confident enough to not need his bottle for comfort during the class. We are getting there, we have made a lot of progress and he now usually only asks for his bottle when it is time to go home as he is then tired!

Marley has learned the actions to some of the songs and can now play the instruments rather than just put them in his mouth! He is very good at following instructions and putting them away back in the box afterwards.

I am hoping that as Marley is beginning to say a few words, he will be able to sing along to some of the songs. He loves music and dancing as does try to sing at home, which is lovely. I would also like to see Marley growing in confidence.



Update from Sponsor (date:12/10/15)

Marley has been slowly but surely gaining in confidence over the weeks since we started back after the summer break. This week he very happily joined in with the 'up and dancing' section of the class and the way he 'swished' his scarf was chosen for everyone to sing about and copy if they wanted to. Over the last few weeks he has enjoyed playing with bells, tambourines, castanets and drums and on several occasions even came to get the instruments on his own which for Marley was quite a big step.


I'm very pleased with the progress he is making especially in terms of his confidence in a group setting and it's lovely to watch him both enjoying some independent activities as well as activities on his mum's lap - playing instruments, bouncing songs and rhymes and looking at the pictures during our 'picture song' time.


Update from Mum (date:8/09/15)

We attended one session with my 12 yr old daughter and another with my 17 yr old step-daughter and it was amazing to see how more confident and relaxed Marley felt. He joined in a little more in the classes and did not need his comforter once! This was a big improvement! A couple of times other children wanted to take a toy away that Marley was playing with and I watched him handle the situation well and he is learning to share and play nicely with other children.


The biggest challenge has been trying to persuade Marley to join in and not need his comfort bottle. Marley has learnt to play jingle bells, jump up and down and actions to some of the songs! He loves music and dancing, but was previously too shy to do so in public! I hope that Marley's confidence will continue to grow and then he will get more enjoyment in classes.


Update from Lorrie at Kimbalu (date:21/7/15)

Marley has completed his first term at Kimbalu! It has been lovely to see how he has developed over the weeks and gained in confidence. To start with he always stayed firmly on mum's lap but is now happy to get up and join in some of the activities. He seems to really enjoy the instrument playing and especially likes scarf and ribbon dance activities. Really looking forward to seeing how he progresses as we start back again after the summer break.




Update from Mum (date:7/7/15)

 We have attended Kimbalu classes every Thursday morning.We always get to the venue at least half an hour before the class starts as there is a huge room full of toys to play with and a cafe so mummy can sit and have a coffee whilst socialising with other mums! During the class, Marley loves to choose an instrument to play. He also loves it when we all dance the hockey cokey!


Marley is still rather shy in approaching other children, but he does seem interested in watching others play. He does seem more comfortable interacting with adults, but I am sure when his confidence grows he will be just as comfortable playing alongside his peers.


The biggest challenge at the moment is to try to get Marley to join in more during the class as he mostly wants to just sit on my lap with a bottle of milk! He uses his bottle as a means of comfort which means he must feel insecure and self conscious within a group.


Marley is great at dancing at home and very into music so I am hoping he will feel confident enough to do it in public. I have learned to be very patient and reassuring when I know Marley needs me to be.We are hoping to develop the confidence to play with others, learning to share toys/instruments and further develop a love of music and dance.



Update from Mum (date:14/4/15)

I was thrilled to hear that my Son, Marley Jakes, has been chosen to be a Kallikids sponsored child for a whole year! It is fantastic news and we are really excited about it!


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