Madeline, Sports in Epsom


Meet Madeline, learning Sports and Fitness with Sponsored Child 2015




Name: Madeline

Age: 5 years old

Skill learning: Sports and Fitness

Sponsor:  Ready Steady Go Kids in Epsom

About Madeline: Madeline is really enjoying her sponsored sports lessons and has had a lot of fun playing golf! 



Updates on Madeline's progress in her sponsored Sports and fitness classes

Madeline is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Sports and Fitness with Ready Steady Go Kids in Epsom and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (9/9/15)

Madeline has loved every single classes and cannot wait for this Saturday to be starting again. Her love for sports and various activities has grown even more and she has become a lot more confident in trying new things. The biggest challenge for Madeline has been not having any classes over the Summer! Her team work and her balance has grown a lot. Over the next period we are hoping Madeline will learn new sports new skills and have lots of fun.


Update from Mum (9/7/15)

Madeline has been loving the Tball and currently Tennis. She is interacting a lot more with other children and listening and understanding instructions, she is also very keen to learn and succeed.


The biggest challenge for Madeline is not having any classes during holidays. Madeline loves it so much she wants to do it all the time even when it is not on. Over the last period she's developed her Rugby skills, ball control, throwing Tennis, concentration and patience. She's looking forward to learning some new skills.




Update from Mum (28/4/15)

Madeline was very excited about her first class at Ready Steady Go Kids and was delighted to see the group leaders again. She was so keen that we got there very early, and was peeking through the door to watch the prior class.
When the class started she was very excited to discover that they would be learning golf. She absolutely it especially the part where they had to create their own mini golf course, she beamed when managed a couple of holes in one. She enjoyed every single minute of and cannot wait for her next lesson.
As a parent watching I was so happy to see her so excited, happy and keen to learn new skills.

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