Lucas, football in Sussex

Meet Lucas, learning Football with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Lucas

Age: 2 years old

Skill learning: Football

Sponsor: Tiny Soccer Stars in Sussex

About Lucas: Lucas lives in Shoreham by Sea. He's just started his football classes and loves them!



Updates on Lucas' progress in his Football classes

Lucas is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning Football with Tiny Soccer Stars in Sussex and you can see how much he progresses over the year.


Update from Sponsor (8/12/15)



Update from Sponsor (10/10/15)

Lucas has been learning new football skills in stopping the ball with his sole, dribbling and stepovers. Lucas is very keen to learn new skills and often helps us demonstrate. This is Lucas receiving his first medal and he is now working towards his second one!




Update from Mum (28/5/15)

He's definitely enjoyed scoring goals the most! He's now much more confident to leave our side, being used to show other kids how to do things is a massive boost!  His biggest challenge is to start taking time to stop and listen, and think about what he needs to do rather than just score a goal!
In the future he's hoping to work on using his other foot and other parts of his foot to kick the ball. 


Update from Mum (13/4/15)

Lucas was so excited to start Tiny Soccer stars, he kept running around saying 'football goal!' We've been along to a few sessions now and he enjoys it so much. He also enjoys practicing his new found skills in the garden at home too. I think by the end of this years sponsorship we will have progressed from a little toddler that just loves football to a little boy with some real skills in handling the ball.

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