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My name is Lauren. I am loyal servant to a very talkative 4 year old girl and consequently a very hen pecked 17 month old boy....and let's not even talk about the poor cat. Nevertheless...our home is a happy one!

I moved to Bristol in 2003 and haven't looked back. The city is always bustling with festivals alive with diversity - a fantastic city for us all to grow in! Having worked in sales and marketing for the past 13 years, I now continue to run my own business as a freelance resource.

As a busy working parent myself, I have found that due to an abundance of children's activities and service providers, it can be a time consuming process to find one to suit both your child AND your needs.I remember many bleary eyed evenings trawling through the 'mummy' sites, yelping with joy at finally finding a sports club, on the right day, at the right time....only to scroll down to find it had last been updated in 1970. A truly frustrating experience!

So I decided to become a KalliKids champion, as I was really impressed that the website (unlike other sites) provides a fully accredited resource with up to date information, ideas and offers. Marvellous idea!

I am working as a Champion for KalliKids covering the Bristol area and would love recommendations of local activities and services. Hopefully we can get them signed up for everyone to enjoy and make life a little easier!


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