KalliKids Partner with McMillan Williams

KalliKids Partner with McMillan Williams


One of the most comforting thoughts for a family is knowing who to turn to in a time of need.


At some point in every families life, unexpected misfortune occurs and they're left wondering who to call for advice. 


It's at this point a family looks for legal advice. 


The law affects everything we do and issues can come in all shapes and sizes, causing a huge amount of confusion, worry and distress for families, often at times when they are at their most vulnerable. 


Feedback from KalliKids parents highlighted the need for a trusted source of legal advice from a company that could be relied upon to put families concerns at the heart of every issue. Market research highlighted MW Solicitors as a company that understood our clients needs and gave us confidence they would reflect this in their dealings with parents, and a partnership was formed. 

MW Solicitors have partnered with KalliKids to break down the barriers which hold families back from seeking legal advice. All of their lawyers are professionals who care that you get access to the justice that you are entitled to. 


The KalliKids ethos of giving families information they can trust and opportunities inclusive to all resonates with the MW Solicitors mission, "to make quality legal services accessible to everyone". The foundation of both companies is firmly routed in giving you the best possible service with the most reliable information, whether it be attending your local nursery, to securing legal assistance for your family.


MW Solicitors and KalliKids have created a dedicated helpline which parents can use FOR FREE to get professional legal advice from their specialist lawyers across a range of legal issues.


Each call will be dealt with in a sympathetic and a supportive manner by a professional you can trust.


We work together to ensure that no family is left on their own, but instead has a trusted place to turn to when needed most.


Find out more about the free helpline 

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