KalliKids Interview Jenni Dunman

We interviewed Jenni Dunman, mum to 3 young children, and founder of Daisy First Aid. Daisy First Aid provides Paediatric First Aid classes to parents and carers in London, Surrey, Kent Christchurch and Bishops Stortford areas.


Jenni why did you decide to get into first aid training?

Through my previous job, I joined the police 15 years ago. My job provided me with a range of first aid experience. I think treating casualties at Edgeware Road tube station when it was bombed in 2005 was my biggest challenge. I know that even basic, easy to learn first aid can absolutely save lives and I want every parent to have this knowledge.


Why did you decide to start Daisy First Aid?

I was in a coffee shop with a friend when her daughter started to choke, mum panicked and didn’t know what to do. This was the light bulb moment for me, the realization that so many parents do not have the first aid knowledge to potentially save their child’s life.


What do you think separates Daisy first Aid from other first aid training courses on the market?

Our bite size 2-hour class is designed specially for parents, there are no horror stories or gory pictures, we want to give parents the knowledge and confidence with out the fear factor.



And why do you think your customers go to you?

We offer classes in homes and local venues, we are flexible with classes available 7 days a week including evenings, and we have excellent Kallikids reviews from parents! Babies are welcome to attend and Our classes are fun, not scary.


How important do you think first aid training is to a new mum?

Absolutely vital, The skills we teach are simple, easy to remember and could save a child’s life


What is your favorite thing about working with families and parents?

As a parent myself I know how wonderfully precious children are, and to know I have given hundreds of parents the knowledge and confidence to save a child’s life is an amazing feeling.


How important do you think first aid training is to professionals working in the children’s activity or service sector?

I believe anyone who works with children should possess adequate first aid training. We train lots of baby group leaders, dance teachers, scout leaders, tutors, soft play employees etc…


What changes have you seen to the first aid training industry since you started? 

The hard work by Millie’s Law has had a really positive impact on raising the first aid profile in parliament.


Your regularly ranked amongst the top 5 providers in terms of parent reviews on KalliKids, how important are parent recommendations to your business?

To give parents the ability to give independent reviews via Kallikids means we receive honest feedback and our new customers can trust the validity of the testimonials.


With Daisy First Aid continuing to grow, how important is it for you to have a good team of employees behind you?

It is so important that our team are warm, friendly and approachable. That they provide a fun engaging class so the parents leave confident and knowledgeable. I can honestly say that our team are all so passionate and hardworking. I’m very proud of them.


What do you look for when hiring new staff?

New staff do not necessarily need previous first aid experience as we provide full training but a great personality and presence is key.


Any exciting plans for the future at Daisy First Aid?

We are recruiting for franchisee’s nationally, the plan is for Daisy First Aid to become a household name and a must-do class for new parents.


How do you like to relax and unwind after a busy week at Daisy First Aid?

Time off is family time, not exactly relaxing but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.



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