KalliKids Best Awards 2016 Winners

KalliKids Best Awards 2016 Winners

KalliKids Best Awards 2016 Winners



Congratulations to the 2016 KalliKids Best Awards Winners 

The KalliKids Best Awards are the UK's largest Awards for accredited children's activity or service providers, with over 12,000 votes counted this year. The winners were judged on the below factors:

  • Their past successes (community awards, business awards, child achievements)
  • Their track record in evaluating and updating their activity or service to better serve families
  • The positive impact the business has on the local community in which they serve
  • The ability to inspire children to get active, learn something new and make new friends 
  • The feedback received from local parents 

The winner for each category can be found below along with a note from the judges. 


UK's Best Activity or Service Provider 2016

Congratulations to the winner of the Best Activity or Service Provider of 2016 : Afonso School of Performing Arts


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UK's Best Arts Crafts & Skills Activity 

We are so impressed with Cathy's energy and creativeness.

We love the fact that children have been coming to classes for 3 years and have never cooked the same thing twice!

We also appreciate the huge community support that Cook Stars do and love the fact they have helped the local Food Bank with recipes using the Food Bank Stock.

It is also fabulous that this business started because of one passing comment “mummy should teach children to cook”. Well done Cook Stars.

 UK's Best Educational Provider 

We are so impressed with Anna’s success over the years and her energy in supporting 50 students (plus another 30 at a school) on her own.

Despite those numbers the achievements of the children are numerous and we love how Anna adapts to the children and offers so many ways and times to support them – giving them much personalised support. Well done Mitchell’s Dyslexia Facility.

 UK's Best Family Service

We have huge admiration for the compassion Lisa shows all the children and families she supports.

Lisa understands that everyone is unique and their circumstances are unique and she has developed multiple ways of coaching children, from Smiley Thought Cards to the Friendship Circle.

Lisa’s positive approach to life skills and mental health are fabulous. Well done Smiley Coach.

UK's Best Mum & Baby Service

We simply love the huge amount of charity support and fundraising Lucy does alongside supporting so many mums and babies.

Her proactive support has included a Mega Baby Massage with 40 babies to help a mum pay for pioneering treatment of cervical cancer and donating all of her class proceeds until March 2017 to the premature baby unit at her local hospital.

This is amazing. Well done Lucy’s Angels

UK's Best Pre-School Activity

We are so impressed with the energy, positivity and creativeness of Happyjacks.

Jacki’s ethos of encouraging children shines through everything she does and we love her response to all children who “can’t”: she simply replies ;"I cannot do it YET”.

Happyjacks proactively raise money for local charities, are very supportive of other local businesses and put time into helping others selflessly. Well done Happyjacks.

UK's Best Pre-School Music Activity

We love how Sing Along introduces fresh songs and relevant content like flying a rocket to mars when Tim Peake was in space.

We are impressed too with Britt’s focus on the children like singing a song about historic animals because 4 year old Charlie likes dinosaurs.

The feedback from nurseries on children being able to count to 20 and the recognition that the social side for parents counts to shows how much Britt cares. Well done Sing Along.

UK's Best School-Age Music Activity

We love the way Phil uses such a simple form of music to not just entertain children but also help and inspire them.

Ravebugs helps children with sensory difficulties to learn and grow and we are impressed with Ravebugs’ simplicity of new instruments like buckets!

The ultimate endorsement is from a 9 year old boy who wrote about Phil for his school homework entitled “Someone I really admire”. Well done Ravebugs

UK's Best Swimming School

We are so impressed by the huge and very positive support of Swim Stars parents.

This great feedback reflects why the club has grown from 2 children to 1,400 children with their pool and their work with local charities reinforces their community focus.

We love the parent support for their swim club. Well done Swim Stars.

UK's Best Day Out or Holiday Club

The professionalism of the Barracudas team is reflected in everything they do.

As a larger children’s activity group they have the advantage of resource and team skills but they do not rest on their laurels.

We love the fact they constantly ask the children for ideas and feedback, we love some of the whacky activities like the Giant Pie Face Throw for Children with Cancer and the passion of the whole team is apparent in parent reviews. Well done Barracudas.

 UK's Best Family Gifts 

Raquel and Esther's reason for running their business shines through: they want to bring people happiness!

We admire Carddies’ support for the local charities and recognise the love of Raquel and Esther to work directly with their children, letting them be part of the making of the piece and making it a little more special for the family. Well done Carddies.

UK's Best Language Class

We love the way that Lingotot Darlington make languages fun.

Key Stage 1 and 2 have been incorporated and the children don’t even realise this is so educational for them.

We are impressed that Lucy proactively asks for parent feedback twice every term and adapts the classes to the children and their parents.

We are impressed by the great positive reviews from parents. Well done Lingotot Darlington.

UK's Best Party or Entertainer 

We love the mix of fun and educational experience that Blast Science brings.

With over 240 recommendations from parents, the quality of their parties speaks for itself.

The Blast Science team regularly add new experiments and themes and they simply inspire children to love science.

We admire their charitable work too with workshops for less privileged children and classes encouraging science and engineering. Well done Blast Science.

UK's Best Pre-School Dance Class

We are really impressed with the dedication and commitment of Kelly.

Like many owners of small businesses, she juggles 200 children in class, supports the local community in deprived areas with subsidised classes as well as new job creation and on top of that she looks after her 10 month old baby.

We recognise that Kelly has support from the franchise network but it still takes someone special to make an activity class work so well within one year.

UK's Best School-Age Dance Class

We are just in awe of the achievements of Prompt Corners’ children.

Two of the dance students were selected to represent England in the Dance World Cup this year another student won one of just 12 places at the Royal Ballet for vocational training.

It’s not all about the best dance skills though. We are impressed with the positive and encouraging class environment where self-worth is paramount at every level. Well done Prompt Corner.

UK's Best Sports Activity

We love the passion and commitment of ZKS in delivering the best for their children and for their team.

Ben is hugely driven to provide a better service from implementing the ZKS VALUES which encourage children to learn good life skills and be well rounded people to the improvement of admin processes.

We also love the charitable support ZKS Martial Arts gives their community, such as the toy collection for less fortunate children and offering places free of charge for children with long term illness such as cancer. Well done ZKS.

UK's Best Theatre School

We are amazed by the success of Afonso’s teaching on their KalliKids Sponsored Child who having started classes with no dance experience at all, has just been selected by the English Youth Ballet to perform at the New Oxford Theatre.

Together with the silent sponsorships Afonso offers children (families needing to pay for funerals, paying for classes in volunteer work) and with the 100% distinction rate in 2015, Afonso is a shining example of positive impact. Well done Afonso. 

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