Our passion is inspiring children

Showing children just how much they can enjoy learning new skills and making friends in warm, trusted surroundings is invaluable.

Children love to learn and we love to see them grow and develop.

Who knows, children within the KalliKids approved provider family might be a future Olympic Champion or a Noble Prize winner!


The way we achieve this is

Helping children's activities and services, just like you, show parents how good they are

which in turn means we can

Help parents make the right choices for their children.


KalliKids was founded to fix the frustrations founder Karen experience

Karen Bach KalliKids founder

KalliKids was started by Karen, a Mum of two girls, to help other parents help their child blossom into the happy healthy adult they imagine and to save parents from wasted time, energy and money.

When Karen’s eldest daughter was 10, she wanted to play hockey.

The family knew no-one who played so they found the nearest club by looking online and hey presto. But, then three months later, Karen and Dad realised that the club were still calling their daughter by the wrong name and she was too shy to correct them.

She didn’t know the names of the other children either as they turned up and played with no team bonding.

So, the family chose a different hockey club, who had just lost their U16 cohort and who had very little chance of winning! But Karen’s daughter loved it.

The team had cupcakes after matches and went round each other’s houses.

If the family had had the real parent recommendations from both clubs, they wouldn’t have wasted time, energy and emotions and would have chosen the friendly club over the winning club first.

And so KalliKids was born. 


The KalliKids Community

We are very proud to have grown from our humble beginnings to a national, fast growing community of the UK's Best Children's Activities and Services.

It would make our day to welcome you to the community and help you too.


KalliKids  KalliKids

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