Jessica, Swimming in Dawley

Meet Jessica, learning swimming with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Jessica

Age: 2 Years old

Skill learning: Swimming

Sponsor:  Water Babies in Dawley

About Jessica: Jessica suffers from EDS3. She is taking swimming classes to help with her confidence and core strength.



Updates on Jessica's progress in her sponsored Swimming classes

Jessica is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning swimming with Water Babies in Dawley and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date:11/1/15)

Jess has attended all lessons, Christmas break and just had her 1st lesson since. Jessica loves learning new things. She also likes routine and knowing what's going on. The class is developing her but keeping things regular so she is loving it. Jess now talks to other in the pool and says good bye to the other children whilst putting shoes/socks on. Jess also talks to others about her lessons. I sit and watch while dad swims. So I get to chat to other parents. She is still learning/trying to Jump so both feet leave the floor. She finds it difficult but her teacher and dad help her.


Jess can now kick stronger than before so she can be dropped into the water and kick herself to the surface. Dad is learning to be more confident and let go of her for longer. We want Jess to be able to jump, improve her leg strength so she can kick harder, and develop her core strength in general. She is much better in the water but want her confidence of going under to improve. She doesn't like lying on her back so need to work on this.





Update from Mum (Date:8/12/15)

Jess has enjoyed learning new skills and practising her older skills. She has learnt the names of her fellow swimmers and will greet them and say goodbye.


My social skills are being developed as I will sit and chat to parents, I have also taken on the Role of a water babies ambassador. Jess has decided to be very stubborn, she says she doesn't like getting her hair wet so in the run up to a lesson she insists she is not going under water, then once she is in the pool she is fine.


Jess can now "torpedo" which she thinks is fantastic. The physio have said it will really help her (the swimming lessons) she will go under water now and smile at the swimming teacher. Over the next period we're hoping she will keep on learning and achieving new skills/badges as Jess loves the badges. We're also hoping she'll carry on boosting her confidence.





Update from Mum (Date:6/10/15)

New term means lots of new things to learn! Jess is much more confident in the water and developing a little character in the water. I have taken jess to 2 lessons this term, Dad takes her to the rest, and it's true that a lovely bonding experience, the trust and confidence is amazing. Jess will now speak up in class too.


Jess will allow us to fully release her underwater now! She will happily get her face wet even choose to do so. Over the upcoming period we're hoping Jessica will continue to develop, and to work on jessie's leg strength and swimming on her back.







Update from Mum (Date:8/9/15)

Jessica had her first class back last Saturday. We went to Spain in holidays and jess was so confident in the water, she had a float jacket and didn't want to be held, went under water fountains and enjoyed herself in the water. So far we've had one term and just started our 2nd and Jessica's confidence is so much better in the water.  


Update from Mum (Date:7/8/15)

Jess has attended 1 full term. She seems to be loving it all. I have enjoyed watching her development and her confidence growing. Rob, my husband has enjoyed being such a big part, being in the pool with Jess. Jess will talk to the other children and their parents, she really likes her swim teacher Mary and affectionately refers to her as "Mary mermaid". Jess is still a little wary about going underwater but has come on great in this area.

The actions/swimming/activity in the pool is strengthening jess, her balance has slightly improved and she is making progress with kicking. Jess takes great pride in telling people she is a water baby.



Update from Mum (Date:24/7/15)

 Jess has had 5 lessons so far and is having a lot of fun. She watches what others are doing and is then more willing to copy. Her biggest challenge is still to catch up with other children. However she is now much happier to get her face wet and doesn't cling on so tight.


 Update from Mum (Date: 26/5/15)

So far Jess has been to two classes. We decided that Jessie's dad (Rob) would take jessie swimming as he is much more confident on the water. Jessie is loving the fact she's going with daddy. She enjoyed choosing her own swimming goggles and is looking forward to a new costume too. Jess is still getting used to her surroundings but is chatting all about it when she gets home. She enjoys 'tiger arms' and blowing bubbles.


 Jessie is now much better at having her hair washed. She will sit and tell us all about the swimming and what she has done. Over the last few weeks she has learnt to kick her legs properly. She is developing her listening skills and learning to trust. She's hoping to continue building her confidence in the water, and strengthening her legs/core.  




Update from Mum (Date:14/4/15)

I applied for this as my physiotherapist has told me that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for people with EDS3 and I felt swimming lessons were the way to go. I'm hoping jessie's lessons with help her confidence and help her core strength. I hope that once we start to strengthen jessie's muscles it will in turn help to correct (or at least help us correct) the way her femurs have twisted, and prevent any further damage.

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