Jasmine, swimming in Buckinghamshire

Meet Jasmine, learning Swimming with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Jasmine

Age: 2 Years Old

Skill learning: Swimming

Sponsor:  Waterbabies in Buckinghamshire 

About Jasmine: Jasmine lives in Aylesbury and is not yet attending school. She is excited to be starting swimming classes and to be making new friends.



Updates on Jasmine's progress in her sponsored Swimming classes

Jasmine is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be taking Swimming classes with Waterbabies in Buckinghamshire and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (8/1/15)

As always Jasmine loves the songs and doing the actions in the water, especially jelly on a plate, where they all fall into the water at the end. She also enjoys using the floats and squirty toys. Jasmine has great confidence in her teacher Karen and will pretty much try anything that is asked of her.


She confidently swims to Karen and trusts that she will catch her and keep her safe. Jasmine hated getting her hair and face wet. She will now confidently jump into the water, which she wouldn't do before and can tred water to turn around to find the edge of the pool to hold onto. She will also swim a short distance to daddy, mainly underwater and doesn't mind getting her face wet. This is a huge achievement for her.


Jasmine has really gained confidence since returning to swimming. She confidently jumps into the water now and can tred water and turn around to find the edge of the pool to hold onto. She will also swim a short distance, mainly underwater and doesn't mind getting her face wet. The swimming unaided is a massive step for Jasmine who would before cling to daddy and always have to have something to hold onto.


We would love to see Jamsines confidence increase. Even to maintain the level of confidence she now has would be amazing. Jasmine seems to thoroughly enjoy her sessions. To see her being able to swim further distances unaided would be fantastic to see. 



Update from Mum (8/12/15)

Jasmine's confidence within the water has greatly increased. She now loves being independent in the water and will happily let go of daddy again. She loves the songs at the end especially jelly on a plate where they wobble the huge may and all the children fall into the water.


Jasmine is very confident talking to Karen, the instructor. She doesn't really get the opportunity to talk to the other children due to the nature of the activity. The biggest challenge for her has been gaining trust and confidence again after the half term break. Jasmine reverted back to not wanting to jump into the water or get her face wet but will now happily and voluntarily do both these things. Jasmine can swim with a woggle confidently and doesn't mind daddy being a further distance away than before. Her confidence in the water has increased, she can access and leave the water safely. Going under water is now fun and not torture!


Greater confidence swimming under the water and for longer periods of time as she will do it but only briefly. It would be nice also for us to have to provide less encouragement for Jasmine to jump in, sometimes it can take a lot of positivity for her to build her confidence.





Update from Mum (11/10/15)

Jasmine is rebuilding her confidence at class following the summer break. She is still enjoying having 1-2-1 time with daddy and will put her mouth in the water to blow bubbles. She loves singing the songs in class and doing movements to them. Jasmine fully trusts Karen, her instructor and is willing to interact with her freely. She listens well to instructions and trusts Karen and will allow her to guide her through a move whilst in the water. For some moves Jasmine seems more confident with Karen than with daddy!


Jasmine hasn't a lot of confidence in the water and following the summer break it is taking a little while to get Jasmine fully confident in the water again. Jasmine will not willingly jump in the water even from sitting on the side. Jasmine can use her arms and legs to 'swim' and understands to use both to stay afloat. She can hold onto the side and push off into the water. We hope that in the future Jasmine will regain her confidence again and to let go of daddy a bit more. We also hope that she'll  jump into the water either from standing or sitting on the side of the pool and to continue to not mind her face getting wet. Another aim will be to keep her face under the water a little longer than she is doing.




Update from Mum (8/09/15)

 Jasmine has just started her lessons after they broke for summer. Jasmine liked the idea of going back to lessons but didn't enjoy the lesson this time and had regressed to holding onto daddy and not wanting to get above her shoulders wet. Jasmine recognised her instructor and happily spoke about her on route to class. In class unfortunately Jasmine was withdrawn but would follow instructions from her teacher showing she trusts her somewhat. Her biggest challenge is getting above the shoulders wet and jumping into the pool as well as encouraging Jasmine to join in.


We went swimming over the summer when classes were not on and Jasmine happily demonstrated how to use her arms and legs in the water. This she only learnt from her lessons. For Jasmine to become confident in the water and to enjoy the lessons and to learn new skills. Before the term ended Jasmine would sit on the side of the pool and jump in so to progress to her standing and jumping in would be amazing.


Update from Mum (10/08/15)

Jasmine has had lots of fun enjoying quality time with daddy. She really looks forward to her lessons now. Jasmine has built up trust in her instructor and looks forward to seeing her too! Jasmine will often on dry land repeat "Reach and Pull" which is the mantra of how to use your arms to swim and she will happily demonstrate to anyone how to do it. Jasmine likes all of the songs and enjoys any actions that go with them. She tells me all about her lessons once they've finished which shows us that she is thoroughly enjoying them.


Jasmine has built up confidence with her instructor and will trust that she will help her to swim and feel safe. She likes to join in the group singing and moving along the mat at the end of class. Due to the nature of the class she doesn't really get a chance to socialise but from her talking freely to and going to her instructor shows us that she is comfortable within her classes. Jasmine hated having her face or hair wet. We are so happy that now she will put her face in the water and blow bubbles, something she would never have done before the classes. Towards the end of term she even went under the water a couple of times from jumping in and it didn't phase her which is great progress.


Jasmine can now "swim" with a float of woggle. She had never been swiming consistantly before so this is definately a skill she picked up from her lessons. Jasmine understands that she has to use her arms and legs to swim and makes a real effort to try to do so. Jasmine will recite "reach and pull" on dry land and use her arms and hands to show us how to swim. Jasmine will now lay on her back in the water and isn't scared of having her hair or face wet. She no longer clings to daddy's neck and will for the most part try any new skill that is shown to her. Jasmine will now happily put her mouth in the water to blow bubbles, this was a huge hurdle for her to overcome.


When classes restart in September we would like for Jasmine to continue as she has done and to hopefully learn how to use her legs to kick and arms to reach and pull at the same time. Her coordination at getting the two to mirror each other is proving to be a challenge. We also hope to see her jumping into the pool more freely and willingly as she still needs encouragement.




Update from Mum (28/5/15)

Jasmine has only had one lesson so far. She was very excited to be starting and even sang "Today is my swimming day" over and over again until we got there! Once there Jasmine was excited to get changed but soon became shy. Jasmine enjoyed spending quality time with daddy and loved 'swimming' to catch various toys. Jasmine enjoyed singing the songs.


Jasmine is overcoming her shyness with other adults. At the beginning of the lesson she wouldn't speak to the instructor but at the end she happily waved bye. Jasmine doesn't like water on her face and gets concerned when her hair gets wet. So her biggest challenge will be to be more confident in the water and to try at least once to go under the water.


Jasmine relaxed towards the end of the lesson and let go of daddy a few times and became more smiley as the lesson progressed showing she started to enjoy it.




Update from Mum (20/4/15)

We have explained to Jasmine that she will be starting swimming lessons soon and she is really looking forward to them. We have let her choose her swimming napppies and waterbabies trunks in preparation and hope to go to our local pool to get her used to the sights and sounds a little bit more. Jasmine keeps saying she is going to make lots of new friends at her new class and wants to splash daddy! Jasmine will lay her swimming costume out and ask to wear it and whether we can go swimming at all times of the day (& night). She is very excited and has told our extended family she will be starting soon.

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