Jack, Swimming in East Sussex


Meet Jack, learning Swimming with Sponsored Child 2015




Name: Jack

Age: 2 years old

Skill learning: Swimming

Sponsor: Puddle Ducks in East Sussex

About Jack: Jack lives in Horsted Keynes and does not currently attend school.  He is over the moon to be picked as a sponsored child.



Updates on Jack's progress in his sponsored Swimming classes

Jack is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning Swimming with Puddles Ducks in East Sussex and you can see how much he progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (6/10/15)

Due to me being unwell, Jack has not been able to attend as many classes as either of us would have liked. But Jack has thoroughly enjoyed gaining more independence in the pool. Jack has been able to interact more freely with other children, starting up conversations with those he's never even met before.


The biggest challenge for Jack is listening. Listening is extremely difficult for Jack, when we started swimming he couldn't listen at all, not even to get into the pool safely. Now he can listen and carry out instructions for almost the entire 30min lesson! But this does only apply to swimming, we are working on other areas haha. Jack's most recent achievement is being able to freely dive from the top of the water to retrieve a hoop off my foot, then kick himself back to the top. I would love for Jack to be able to coordinate his arms and legs a little more, as he is keen to swim by himself.


Update from Mum (9/09/15)

Due to the summer holidays, we've not had any swimming lessons, but that hasn't stopped us! With swimming being his new favourite thing, we've taken trips to the local leisure centre to practice everything we've learnt during lessons. Jack has no problems in interacting with other children. We're now having to work a bit on the opposite, of not trying to get every child to dive for toys.


The biggest challenge is that getting Jack to listen is extremely difficult. But our Puddleducks lessons with Vicky help a lot, she really knows how to keep his attention by using Jack to demonstrate the next activity. Jacks is now happy to dive for toys, which was self initiated, at the bottom of the pool because of his water confidence. We hope for Jack to develop his independent swimming, so he can swim alone over a distance. But to do that, we need to keep working on his listening skills.




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Jack is very lucky to be sponsored this year.

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