Jack, Football in Leatherhead

Meet Jack, learning Football with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Jack

Age: 3 Years old

Skill learning: Football

Sponsor:  Little Kickers in Surrey

About Jack:  Jack lives in Leatherhead and currently attends Rainbow Playgroup and will be starting School in September.



Updates on Jack's progress in his Football classes

Jack is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be taking Football classes with Little Kickers in Sussex and you can see how much he progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date: 5/6/15)

Jack has now been attending his Little Kickers Class every Saturday each week now. He has really enjoyed meeting the children in the class, he also has enjoyed the different tasks within the session. He has been talking a lot more frequently in between class about football and scoring goals. Each week he tells me that he is going to try his best, and that he is going to score a goal in the matches.


Jack is extremely shy, so it has been really nice to see him talking and interacting with the other children. He has learnt other children's name and has been talking about a couple of people in particular in between classes. I was quite surprised how quickly he got 'stuck' in to the class especially as there is little parent participation in this. He often tells us that he can't do something and so he has surprised me with how well he has given things a try. The biggest challenge has been Jack's concentration, he suffers with concentration and attention issues and so particularly in the big matches he appears to be in his own little world, we are really trying to encourage him both in the classes and at home to keep looking at the ball and the tasks.


The coaches have been really great at getting Jack involved. Jack has learnt how to dribble the ball better and the task of kicking the ball just 3 times across the pitch he has started to grasp which he didn't at first. He is also starting to vaguely understand the concept of tackling. I am hoping to improve Jacks attention and concentration in the group matches and keep encouraging him to participate more in getting the ball. I am hoping he will gain more of a can do attitude to group activities and continue to make friends.



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