How to Translate Your Personality Online


The Children’s activity and services industry is lead by personalities.


And your business relies on yours!


The reason you are more, or less, successful than your competitors in some way or another, will come down to you and how you interact with your customers and children. Despite this it’s often the last thing that’s considered and translated in your online presence. And it’s easy to see why. Your personality is something that exudes from you naturally whenever you’re dealing with someone face to face. But it’s often hidden away when you are presenting yourself, communicating or advertising yourself or your business online.


This is not ideal as your online presence is now often even more important than your real life one. Ok maybe not as much as that, but its still extremely important for you to attract and engage with your customers on a personable level via your website and social media.


The topic of translating your personality and that of your business, has gotten to be such a talking point recently that it’s even been given a name. The “Personality Differentiator”. This is basically a means of differentiating yourself and your business from your competitors, using your personality as the differentiating factor.


It sounds complicated, but it’s really simple. It’s all about you setting yourself apart from your competitors by focusing on you as an individual and the face of your company.

So how do you express your personality online and help your members and followers feel as if they are speaking to you rather than your corporate image?


Here’s 4 tips on how to translate your personality:

  • Announce yourself

Announcing yourself as the owner, operator of your business gives it a real personable feel that will do wonders to your credibility. Parents will want to know who you are before choosing to engage with you, so let them have access to information that will leave them with a feeling that they have already met you.


  • Video yourself

Why not announce yourself via an online video. Not only does this give you a chance to translate yourself and your ethics, but also allows you to explain your business in more detail and parent’s will appreciate that you’ve made the effort.


  • Write your own content

Not everyone is a good copywriter, and you may not have the skills to write for a living. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t write your own company bio. Try not to over think your writing and fill it up with jargon that may make sense to you and other idustry professionals, but confuses the reader.


Just write as if you were explaining what you do to your friend. Let your own words come out in the text, it doesn’t have to be perfect it’s just got to be realistic. Read your writing out aloud once you have written it, does it sound like something you would say?


  • Add background photos

Not the kind that have been perfectly crafted to show your best side. Post up some back stage photos that let your followers see what it takes to offer them the service that you do. Show them the work that you put in to your business. If your lucky you might even get some complimentary comments.


The efforts above will not take you much time to implement, and the rewards will far outweigh the work that you put in.

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