Heidi, Drama in Brighton

Meet Heidi, learning Drama with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Heidi

Age: 1 Year old

Skill learning: Drama

Sponsor:  Get Creative's 'Drama Tots' in Patcham

About Heidi: Heidi loves imaginitive play. She is very bright and enjoys playing with her five year old sister.



Updates on Heidi's progress in her Drama classes

Heidi is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be taking Drama classes with Get Creative's Drama Tots in Brighton and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date: 13/1/16)

Heidi has been attending her classes every week on Mondays. It's hard to pick one thing the Heidi's enjoyed most: there's the dressing up, the singing, the bus and aeroplane rides, the playing with the other little ones, and the biscuits are a nice little treat too. Heidi loves dancing, singing and she has a strong sense of self. I'm sure Drama Tots is to thank for this, as well as thanks to Grandma for taking her.


Heidi and her bigger sister sparring off each other over the festive period was a biggest challenge in the last period, they both have such big personalities in their own way. We were all relieved to be back to normal routine after the holidays. 


Heidi has a good imagination that I'm sure is nurtured and been honed by her time at Drama Tots. For example, her Grandma who takes Heidi to her weekly session usually, told me of an occasion at home when: Heidi was doing some twirls and whirls in the kitchen to music, as she often does; she sat down on a little chair mid way through and thought briefly, and then started dancing again; again she sat down and was visibly thinking, so Grandma asked Heidi what she was doing; Heidi's response was "I'm thinking what it's like to be born", then got up and continued dancing. I thought that's amazing and so heart warming for a 2.5 yr old to have the ability to engage in such creative expression :)


Moving past the 'pretend shyness', common at this age and practicing her strong sense of self in social situations to see her flourish.




Update from Mum (Date: 21/10/15)

Drama Tots on a Monday morning is an exciting time. Today it was my pleasure to take Heidi along, while the usual suspect Gramdma went to an appointment. As you can see by the pictures, Heidi loves her Monday sessions. The scholarship has given Heidi the opportunity to really boost her confidence and creativity. She may start a new social event looking all shy, but give her 15 minutes and she breaths life and laughter with her dramatical antics. I will often find her singing to herself while playing, I particularly love it when she does it in the supermarket and everyone we walk past has to smile. It's a gift I hope she takes through life. Louisa is so good with the children, she knows when to address the group and when to address the individual. Everyone feels involved and important. It's fast pace and energising. I'm so happy Heidi has this amazing opportunity to take part in Drama Tots with Louisa.





Update from Drama Tot's Leader, 'Louisa' (Date: 25/7/15)

Heidi is such good fun to have at Drama Tots! I loved her curiosity and independent thinking from the start and to now see her embracing the different themes (chosen by the children) each session, becoming absorbed in role play and showing more confidence in 'performing' with, and in front of her peers, is wonderful! So far she has been an energetic Batman, a cheeky pirate, a curious spider, wrestled with polar bears, had a royal feast with Elsa and fed some very hungry dinosaurs, to name just a selection of her 'magical moments'!


She is also very fond of Mr Pickles our Pirate Puppet and his best friend 'Pip' who lead us through our Monday adventures. I look forward to seeing her flourish throughout the year, further developing her imagination, vocabulary, expression and movement and at the same time forming close friendships with the rest of the boys and girls at Drama Tots.




Update from Mum (Date: 15/6/15)

 It's tricky getting photos of Heidi at Get Creative in Patcham because she's always on the go. She buzzes around the class, immersing herself in the different parts of the week's story that are set up with props round the room. 

Update from Mum (Date: 8/6/15)

 Heidi's really enjoyed going to Get Creative in Patcham with Grandma. It's special bonding time for them. Heidi is happy to interact with others, regardless of age. She wants to engage people, to see what they think about things she does and see their responses.
Get Creative in Patcham sessions have helped Heidi's creative thoughts and logic. She is very considered. The biggest challenge for me is not me taking Heidi. But that does mean quality time with Grandma and that's possibly more important. Heidi is particularly fond of the hockey cokey, and it's the finishing song each week. She will often sing barely recognisable nursery rhymes, which is very cute. Over the coming period we hope for Heidi to have more Grandma bonding time, more fun play, and self confidence boost.


Update from Mum (Date: 4/4/15)

 I'm thrilled Heidi has won the scholarship with Get Creative in Patcham. It's going to be a great activity for Heidi, she's not quite one and yet a rather active bright spark. She's used to playing with her five year old sister. The children at the group are either close to Heidi's age or older, so ideal for working to her usual expectations and strengths. Heidi loves imaginative play. I'm looking forward to seeing her develop through Creative Play in Patcham.

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